Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Growing Your Social Network

If you are a general blogger or a small businessman, in today’s digital world, it is really important to grow your social network really strong. Opening social media accounts might not look like a difficult job, but to growing a network and utilizing it to your use is really a job to think about. Below are some of the important tips that you might want to follow to grow your social network a lot faster: Identify your Goal and Objectives This is the first step in growing your network. Unless you understand where you want to reach, it will be impossible for you to understand your audience and their needs. Hence, your idea of growing the network will fail. So, before you start posting on a regular basis to attract your audience think about your objectives and goals. Let your audience know about you It is really important to interact with an audience while you are giving a lecture. It is quite similar here also. You cannot just post links every day and expect your audience to click and view. You will have to be interactive. Let your audience know who you are actually are, what you are looking for. This is the only way you can attract them to your posts. Understanding your audience As a presenter, you need to know what your audience is looking for. Unless you know that you won’t be able to meet their expectations. And eventually, the crowd will fade away. So, even before you plan to interact with them, it is always beneficial to understand their needs and act accordingly. You need to give the feel that you are here to help them rather than forcing them to read some lines on a page or a post. It will create a nice bonding experience. Your Website and Social Media It is a really common practice to put social media profiles on websites, but as soon as you are creating a social media profile, try to add the website to it. This will help your social media audience to reach your website a lot quicker, and they will be able to get to know about you and your company as well. Sharing is caring Share all your social media profiles with everyone, but do not spam them. You do not need to share your profile links every day, but once in a while, share a post, share your profiles, just to make sure that your audience gets to know about your presence and what you are doing currently. This will keep them interested in you and your activities, and you will be slowly but surely growing your network in a better way. Valuable Content While posting an article on your blog or website page, make sure that the content has something for the readers too. Your audience is not looking for a post stuffed with keywords which have been written for SEO purpose. Rather, they would love to read a short but well written valuable post. This will ensure that they will read those posts and will share them if they like it. So, these are the basic tips that you need to follow while growing your social network. Start following these today and you will surely have an advantage over your competitors in the market.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and also the most used browsers across the internet users. The reason many use Chrome because of its easy-to-use and clean interface along with the exceptional speed it delivers. Chrome is also the go-to browser among many developers as it offers hundreds of extensions to enhance the possibility of Chrome to a great extent. In this article, we’ve put down a short list of extensions for Chrome that could be of a great help to developers. Web Developer Web Developer is a popular Chrome extension being used by many web developers as it proves to be of great help in many ways during creating websites and web applications. The Web Developer extension allows you to edit HTML and CSS on the fly. It also allows you to enable or disable cookies and also to mark links as visited or not-visited along with displaying various information about the images. With the help of the extension, the developers can also make changes to the forms in various ways, including clearing form data, make frames resizable or not and change all GETS into POST’s etc. The extension also provides you the ability to get the no. of objects in a web page etc. JSONView JSONView is another great Chrome extension that allows you to check and edit JSON code in an easy to read view. It also allows you to click on the links in the code and even work on some basic validation on the code. Viewing the JSON code is easy as it is displayed in an XML like format with a collapsible view with arrays and objects. Check My Links Having broken links on your website can decrease your site’s ranking to a great extent and also deter visitors from returning back to your site. Hence, it is utterly important to check your site for broken links, but it is not possible to go through each and every link manually. This is where Check My links extension comes into play, as it can list all the broken links on a web page within seconds. The extension checks both internal and external links and you can also specify in the tool to exclude checking ads on the web page. Wappalyzer Sometimes you want to create a feature present in another website, but not sure how it was done and what are the languages used etc. Wappalyzer provides with a helping hand in that area as it provides a lot of information about any website specified including the CMS being used, the programming language used to build the site, the database used along with much more information. Along with this information, the extension also provides information about the JavaScript frameworks, ad networks and even the network storage being used on the site. YSlow The success of any website depends on how fast its web page loads as your website visitors would get frustrated and leave the site quickly if they see the page loading very slowly. YSlow helps in analyzing your website and provides you with insights into the areas that affect the loading speed of your website so that you can work on fixing it up to make your pages load quickly.

Best Places to Buy Premium Themes for WordPress

Well, you could’ve heard this a thousand times, but no harm is saying this again. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems as you can see almost 75 million websites are built using this CMS and WordPress accounts for almost 20% of the total websites in the internet. One of the important reasons that many prefer WordPress is because it is absolutely FREE to use and you don’t have to be a tech genius to create a website or a blog of your own. Many think that WordPress can be used to build only blogs, but with the availability of many premium themes, you can build beautiful websites for your real-estate business, restaurant website, create your own personal portfolio etc. The main thing that makes any WordPress attractive is the theme and many websites offer Premium themes for your website. But it would certainly be a daunting task to choose the best website out of a ton of websites to buy your favourite theme. So in this article, we’ve provided you with best places to buy premium themes for WordPress. MyThemeShop MyThemeShop is one of the leading premium WordPress themes provider at reasonable rates. One of the best features about MyThemeShop is their excellent customer support service as you can expect replies for your theme setup queries or any other queries to be answered as quickly as possible. They also have a very helpful forum to help assist with all your queries. All premium themes from MyThemeShop are responsive and SEO optimized themes. They are also built ready to use AdSense in your websites right away. StudioPress StudioPress is another great provider of ultimate Premium Wordpress themes with eye-catching designs. Choose from the various types of WordPress themes from their website according to your requirement and have a preview to see how it looks as a website. All themes are exceptionally designed and are developed to load quickly on all devices. Also, all themes from StudioPress are 100% responsive, so that you don’t have trouble viewing your website across multiple devices. ThriveThemes Thrive Themes is not your regular theme provider, but provides conversion based themes, to ensure your business gets more leads and boost your business to take it to the next level. All themes are rigorously tested and apart from themes there are other various tools for your Wordpress website enhancement too. ThemeJunkie Looking for impressive looking Wordpress themes at competitive rates, then you can definitely take a look at the themes from ThemeJunkie. All themes are impeccably designed, thoroughly tested and are 100% responsive themes. You don’t require any technical knowledge to install their themes on your website. Even customization of the themes is simple. Theme Fuse Theme Fuse offers themes that are beginner friendly as they are pretty much simple and easy to install. People with very little knowledge in Wordpress could also easily set up these themes easily. You can find stunning themes across various categories.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Best SEO Gurus to Follow

SEO is a constantly evolving process and new algorithms and trends change every now and then and it is important for you to keep up to date with these changes. Not only keeping things in up to date is enough, but you should also understand how these changes will impact your website and what are the ways to overcome these effects is important. Hence, to make these tasks easier, there are many SEO gurus and experienced SEO professionals create lots of posts on the recent changes in the SEO industry and how to adapt to these changes. So it is important that you follow some of these SEO Gurus blogs outlined below to keep yourself updated in the world of SEO.

Christoph C. Cemper

Christoph is one of the respected SEO experts in the industry and is also the creator of “Impactana”, a Content Marketing intelligence software. Many content creators use this software to find new content ideas that make a big impact. He created the first internal tools to provide a more accurate and reliable SEO tool for website administrators and SEO analysts. These internal tools formed the basis of founding a SaaS product LinkResearchTools that consists of more than 21 tools required for precise SEO analysis of your website. Link Detox another great link finding tool is also created by Christoph.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is another renowned name in the SEO industry having been part and as a founder of many online businesses. Some of the major businesses that he founded include KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout and Hello Bar. He’s also known as a popular online marketing expert and as an entrepreneur. Neil has provided great assistance for many businesses to make substantial growth in their revenue through his SEO and marketing techniques. He’s also names as one of the top 10 online marketers according to Forbes and also been recognized by the united States House of Representatives with a Congressional recognition for his achievements and contribution in online marketing and the SEO industry.

Jordan Kasteler

Jordan is an SEO expert specializing in digital marketing consultancy and social media empowerment. He has been in the online marketing scene since 2001 and has a long history of entrepreneurship by working as Head of SEO with many leading companies including and PETA. He co-founded Blueglass Interactive, an agency specialized in providing advice on social media marketing. He can also be seen providing great speeches at many online marketing conferences and also writes articles on many social media websites, including Huffington Post, Marketing land, Search Engine Land and many more.

On Yavin

On Yavin is another popular SEO expert being followed by many SEO enthusiasts and has more than 15 years of experience in the field of SEO and online marketing. He also founded Online Performance, a company specialized in providing high quality SEO, ORM and other services to businesses. Has a great talent in solving issues and improving SEO results with the help of his company developed SEO tools to take the business to the next level.


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